Repairs at Kirksey Machine

At Kirksey Machine, we perform a wide variety of repairs on gate, globe, check, and ball valves that are either new, or those that have previously been in service. These repairs can be simple adjustments up to complete overhauls, including the replacement and/or reconditioning of internal parts. Our shop capabilities include up to 10 ton cranes, machine tools, welding, hydrostatic and NDE testing, and more.

Delayed Coker ball valves

Delayed Coker ball valve repairs with quick deliveries are a core component of our business. Every year we perform time critical turnaround repair work on jobs ranging from single valve emergency repair work, to large multi valve reconditioning projects.

In a world that’s experiencing daily shortages due to supply chain constraints, repair in lieu of waiting for a delayed product makes sense in many cases. Please visit our contact page to send us a message about your valve repair needs, or call us at 713.682.6704.